xerxesXerxes, now Gunner (right) with new brother Rebel (left)

Xerxes was an owner surrender in early 2018. Over the Summer, he found a wonderful home in Norco with a new brother to play with all of the time. We are so grateful this big boy found his forever home!


cassidy and tarahCassidy

Cassidy was rescued from Moreno Valley Animal Services with the help of Vista Rescue, just hours before she was to be euthanized. The poor girl had large tumors on her abdomen that were beginning to rupture and she had to go into surgery immediately after being busted from the pound. None of that ever got her down though! She is a spunky and bright girl who loves to love, and her new mom made such an amazing choice in adopting her. They’ve gone on so many adventures together here in the Eastern Sierras!




Nova was an owner surrender directly to the rescue during the summer of 2018. While she was being fostered, her foster mother fell in love and became a foster failure. Nova is a very sweet and intelligent girl, who is very trainable for a cat. She loves her cat nip stocking, pictured here as what she is dragging around. We are so grateful to our foster turned adopter who gave Nova a forever home!