Sanctuary Animals

These are the Sanctuary animals that are in hospice care for the remainder of their lives. They are not available for adoption, due to medical issues or wishes of the previous owners/sponsors.

We are so grateful to our fosters and donors who keep our Sanctuary running full speed! Your regular donations towards food and vet care are immensely appreciated as we continue to provide the best care possible to our companion animals!



Ollie and Stan

Ollie and Stan came from Oakland Animal Services and joined the rescue in August 2018. Thanks to Gunter’s Legacy Animal Rescue in Northern California, and the help of Julia V. who transported our boys halfway to the rescue, Ollie and Stan were pulled from the euthanasia list and given another chance at life. Having been starved and mistreated for so long, it is our duty to give them the absolute best quality of life now. They have blossomed into such spunky, vibrant companions who love life and live it to the fullest.




Clyde was rescued as “Apollo” from Orange County Animal Services in 2015. He was pulled by Andrea K. on his final day at the shelter, before he was to be euthanized. Clyde is a senior dog with slight aggression and anxiety issues that do not make him available for public adoption. He loves to spin in circles to get treats and has a particular fondness for licking people’s faces obsessively. We imagine him as a grumpy old man who sits on the porch and yells at kids, telling them to keep off his lawn.



Shaina was brought to us on February 26th, 2016. Left on the SLO property with a little bag of food, Shaina was surrendered to the rescue on a very challenging day.. that same day, we had lost a dear friend to suicide. Shaina is named after that friend, and serves as our loving, living memory of a beautiful life lost.



Mojo has been with us longer than any dog at the sanctuary and serves as our Big Dog Mascot. He was found as a stray in SLO County when he was just a puppy, in 2007. Through his natural herding tendencies, Mojo has shown the way to the many dogs who have passed through this organization. He loves ALL TOYS, belly rubs and running up and down the driveway.



Violette was an owner surrender to the sanctuary in 2015. Having been raised from a small puppy in a situation that subjected her to drug use an abuse, Violette was entrusted to us until her previous owners were able to provide for her better. We have never heard from them since and consider her a permanent part of the sanctuary. She is our largest dog, who loves to run and jump and play with big sticks.



joshua dog 3Joshua-Dog

Joshua-dog was found as a stray, running on the 99 Freeway in Wasco, California. Dodging big rigs and cars on a large freeway, he was lucky to escape with his life. He came to the property in 2016, shortly after we had lost one of are most passionate supporters and best of friend. Joshua-dog is named after this person who we have lost, and stays at the rescue as a living memory. He is a very sweet and lively greeter of any guests. Should you ever come and visit the property, know he will be the first dog that you will see.

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