In the last two months, we’ve been able to take in several new dogs at the rescue. None of that would be possible without the generosity of our supporters and affiliates, individuals and other non-profit organizations.

Who’s New?

In the month of May, we’ve taken on 4 new dogs.

Meet Paisley!

Paisely came to us during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in California. Her owner, who was struggling with housing and employment, contacted us to temporarily foster their dog while they got back on their feet. We couldn’t say no. Paisley is a sweet, adult chihuahua and will only be with us for a short time before she goes back to her owner. We are glad to have her company for the time being.

Willie 3

Meet Willie!

Willie was picked up as a stray in Burbank by a good samartin who contacted our SoCal representative Genevieve. Covered in fleas and very timid, they took care of him for the first few nights after rescuing him until he could get up to VVARS. Willie is a sweety-pie! He is a young dog, no more than 2 years old. He has recently been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He gets along with other dogs well. Willie knows how to use a dog door to go outside for potty, but he is not crate or leash trained yet. He is still very shy and uncertain around new people, and can be very vocal when excited. Willie’s new forever home will have to have a lot of patience with him and be willing to continue his training after being adopted.

Meet Oakley!

Oakley was brought to the rescue through Gunter’s Legacy, who helped us with Ollie and Stanley in 2018, and Home 2 Home Rescue in Grass Valley. Oakley was rescued from the Sacramento ACC and made it very clear that he is an outdoor ranch dog. He didn’t do well in the city life because he loves to run and play outside too much. We’ve taken him in at Vicki’s Village to help him find that rural ranch forever home. Oakley is a young adult, neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots. He is a sheepdog mix of some kind and needs a regular grooming. We are working with Oakley to get him more accustomed to a collar and leash, as well as listening to commands better. Oakley is a wonderful dog with a lot of energy. He gets along great with other dogs too.

We said Good-Bye

It’s never easy to say good-bye, and in one week, we had to let go of two our babies.


Good-bye Katie

Katie was surrendered to us May 17th and since we received her, we knew she was struggling. With an obvious upper respiratory infection and a constant bloody nose, we put her on antibiotics in hopes she would make a come back. We force fed her a chamomile tea/soft dog food mush, injecting the concoction by syringe to make sure she maintained her energy. On May 26th, she went to the vet to see what else we could do for her and after a quick blood test, we learned she had kidney failure and was too far gone before she came to us. Only a few hours later, she was gone.
While we didn’t get to know her well or got to love her for very long, she was loved here. Her life was important, her happiness and comfort were important. She became apart of our family as soon as she was placed in my arms. She was treated with respect and dignity, and most of all, love.


Good-bye Eben

On May 29th, we let Eben go. A few days prior, he suddenly showed signs of extreme discomfort with rapid, shallow breathing. He was on a regular dose of Lasix, a diuretic that helps release fluids from dogs lungs. When we rushed him to the vet, they gave him a large dose of Lasix to see if it relieved him of his discomfort, but unfortunately, it did not.
Eben was a spunky and loving character at the rescue, and he is missed immensely. Sharing his crazy antics and funny stories brings a smile to all of us at Vicki’s Village, as it is a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do. Eben’s time with us was too short, but he was extremely loved.

As always, we appreciate the great amount of support we receive from all of you who follow our organization. We are small but mighty, with big dreams of helping animals everywhere. With the addition of our newest Board Member, Genevieve, the flame of inspiration has been stoked again and we continue to define our mission and goals.

It takes a village…

May 2020 Income Statement

The links below are the Income Statements for the month of May,  year 2020. The funds are broken up by Supporter Donations and Board Member Out of Pocket funds, with an Accumulated Total report of both funds together.

Please reach out to Vicki’s Village Animal Rescue and Sanctuary if you have any questions.

Supporter Funds

Out of Pocket Funds

Total Funds

We hereby certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of our

Our first 6 months

June has come and gone, and so has the first 6 months of this organization being officially open. We at Vicki’s Village have been overwhelmed with the support we have received and are continuously inspired to do as much as we can, in the name of all animals.

The list below accounts for all of the animals we have been able to rescue/assist since January 1st:
Smitty & Patches – Available for Adoption (Dogs)
Rex – Available for Adoption (Dog)
Cassidy – Available for Adoption (Dog)
Jazzy – Available for Adoption (Dog)
Xerxes – Available for Adoption (Dog) *application pending*
Rocky – Adopted (Dog)
Rylie – Medical/Unavailable (Dog)
Nova – Foster/Unavailable (Cat)
There are currently 11 dogs placed in the sanctuary side of the rescue who receive our constant care as well.
We have also been able to financially assist a SLO County kitten foster with the care and spay/neuter of 3 homeless kittens who have adopters currently lined up.
Without fosters and people crossposting our information on social media, rescuing these animals would have been nearly impossible. Every Share matters in reaching people who could help us through fostering, adopting, volunteering their time/skills or donating.

Our current project is to fund-raise enough money to be able to purchase a 20′ x 30′ facility we would build specifically for the dogs. This would allow us to rescue & house up to 35 dogs at a time. It would also allow us the foundation to build off of, adding more space and additional facilities as need be. This is the facility we’d like to purchase – click here.

Our online support has been phenomenal and we appreciate everyone for following along with us on this journey. We’d really love to see all of our social media accounts @vickisvillage rise to 1,000 followers each by the end of the year, so please find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat and give our page some attention. We want to cross the globe with our message of compassion and action for animals!

The sustainability of the rescue falls down to our financials and how much good we can do depends on how much money we have. VVARS has been blown away by the donations that have come in when we are in need. The support of our followers makes us feel like we really can save them all, with you by our side.

The following chart is our 6 month financial report of Revenues and Expenses. I have broken it down to the following categories:
Medical – Operations and procedures, general care for the animals. Our trusted vet clinic is Sierra Vet Clinic in Bishop, California.
General Fund – Dog food, beds, toys, cleaning supplies, small travel expenses, general care. Advertising, postage, office supplies, bank fees.
* Board of Director Donations – The Board donates makes regular donations to assure that the rescue has a reliable amount of emergency money, just in case.
Adoption/Intake – Rehoming fees required for dogs who are released to the rescue, or foster donations.
Facility – Our new dog facility project. We have added a separate big dog run and an outdoor cat area as of now.

01 01 2018 through 06 30 2018 Rev and Exp Chart

If you have any questions on details, please contact us. We want to keep our finances completely transparent so everyone can be assured that their donations are doing the most good that can be done!

Aside from taking in homeless animals that need our immediate help, the rescue would like to be able to work in conjunction with groups and veterinarians across California to provide the resources available to help with animal medical care. Spaying and neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping and dental’s are all essential requirements for a healthy companion, and we know that depending on the access available, all of those things can be pricey! We want to find a solution. We’re always brainstorming and would love to hear from anyone who has an idea or contact available for reliable animal care in California.

Thank you for giving us your time and attention as we try to do our best by all of our animal companions. Sometimes we get busy and forget to reply to messages, and we are still working out the finer details of running an efficient non-profit organization. Your patience and support as we get bigger and better means everything to this operation. Thank you for believing in us!

Special thanks to;
Sierra Vet Clinic, Karen McAlpin, Yvonne Helms, Kristine Pickett, Lynn Cerny, Olivia Moreno, Eastern Sierra Dog Rescue, Charlotte Meade and Meade Canine Rescue, Heather Rios, Rebekkah Salazar, Jesse Davis, Heather Love, Pj & Lauryn Preeshl, BAD Photography.

Alexandrea “Silver” Helms and all of our canine and feline companions


2019: Our Mission Reestablished

Greetings to all,

We started out the New Year with a bang, bringing in our family of puppies and mother dog on January 1st, and since then, we’ve been running at full speed to keep up with the progress we’re making. Spring is on the way and we are ready for the warm weather and longer days to come. Our biggest project, the rescue building is making steady progress to becoming a reality, all the animals are happy and healthy, and we are beyond grateful for the continuous support we receive.

With all that has been happening, I have neglected to post our 2018 animal and finance statistics.
The following numbers are the breakdown for the entire year of 2018 – January to December.

Total expenses of 2018: $8,893.57

Total revenue of 2018: $9,195.50

5 Dogs were Adopted.
3 Cats were Adopted.
2 Dogs Surrendered and Returned.
2 Dogs Assisted w/ Rescue.
3 Dogs Passed Away.
11 Dogs currently in Sanctuary.
2 Cats currently in Sanctuary.
3 Dogs currently still Available for Adoption.
For our first year as being official, we’d like to say WOOHOO!!!!! for all that we’ve accomplished. The numbers aren’t huge, but they’re meaningful. We helped rescue, rehabilitate, adopted out and assisted with 31 animals in the year 2018. Here’s hoping we can raise that number even more for this year!

What’s to come for 2019?

So far this year, we have had much happiness and some sadness. From our New Years rescue in Riverside, 2 of the puppies have found wonderful homes, while unfortunately, one passed away from an internal illness. Mother dog to the puppies has an adoption application pending for her. And we still have our resident adoptables; Rex, Smitty & Patches.

As for the organization itself, I’d like to explain our goals and ideas a little more depth.

Our first year was amazing, an extreme learning experience (which, the learning won’t ever stop) and incredibly hectic. I do feel that in our attempts to become recognized and supported by our surrounding communities, we allowed our mission statement to become blurred. We’ve done some great things so far, but our current task as a Board of Directors, is to become more focused on what is essential to the mission of this non-profit.

The “short term”, daily goal of the rescue is.. we are a SENIOR and SPECIAL NEEDS animal rescue. Our focus is on rescuing, rehabilitating and (if possible) adopting out senior and special needs animals.
*Right now we are only set up for dogs, but in the future, we want to be able to be a place for all animals to come to. More on that in the future…*

Rescuing our family of mom and puppies has shown us as an organization, that we are not set up for young, high energy animals that need enrichment, socialization and a lot more time than we can possibly give right now. The experience of rescuing these animals has been an amazing one, and there are no words to explain our pride in saving their lives.
Despite that, the sacrifices we’ve made as an organization and as the individuals caring for these animals, has been many and if we are to continue with strength and fervor in rescuing more animals, we must acknowledge what we can and cannot do.
We cannot rescue and adopt out young animals. It takes too much work for 4 young ladies, all working full time and juggling these 16 animals we have with the rescue, which are all spread out in our homes that go from the Eastern Sierras to the Central Coast to the Bay Area.

In summary, we are coming back around to face our goals head on, with a clear vision of what we do. We rescue senior and special needs dogs currently.
Myself, as the rescue Chair, focuses on the caring of the animals on the rescue property in the Eastern Sierras, our social media accounts, the communication with our supporters and our expansion with other organizations.
Rebekah M. is our Education Director, who is focusing on how we influence and inspire other people to join the cause in adopting, rescuing, fostering and placing importance on Spay & Neuter programs through out all of our communities. Rebekah is our Bay Area foster and contact.
Zoe F. is our Foster Director, working with our current fosters and shoring up our Foster Program so that we can attain more wonderful people who will help us save more lives. Fostering is a HUGE part of the rescue community, and we couldn’t have the number we do without people who offer their home to animals in need. Please reach out if you are available to help us with taking in animals short or long term. It is with your support that we are able to expand our capabilities.
Shayla D. is our Fundraising Director, making sure we are financially stable to continue on. At this time, we are receiving NO grants from any Federal entity or any large corporation, so everything we do is because of individual donations and out of the pockets of us Board Members. We are currently working towards receiving grants, but in the meantime, please don’t forget us when you are able to give back. Facebook Fundraisers for your Birthday are a HUGE way to help us, shopping on Amazon Smile – – with us as your charity of choice, and $5 Fridays are just a few small ways to help us keep going. Shayla and Zoe both work together in maintaining our SLO county foster animals.

With these roles and our short term goal established, this allows us to look ahead long term in what we mean to accomplish years down the line. Not only do we rescue senior and special needs animals, we are working towards being a key player in turning California into a No Kill State. Even if it takes one city, one county at a time, this is the long term goal we work towards every day.

All of that being said, we thank every individual who has helped us reach this point. There is so much to be grateful for because of so many generous people.Because of all of you, our rescue building will be arriving at the end of March. We’ve put up with some terrible weather that has pushed things back a bit, but we’re still moving forward. Once the building is delivered, our next step is putting in solar for the electricity to the building. Water, insulation, and general carpentry are to come shortly afterwards. Our goal is to be done by September 2019, and have all of our animals in one place – here at the Eastern Sierra property. Please help us reach this goal with your continued financial support!

Thank you to so many people who help us each and every day… we appreciate you more than words can say.
Charlotte Meade and Meade Canine Rescue, Olivia M., Eastern Sierra Dog Rescue, Sue H., Nancy E. and the Small Dog Crew in Oakland, Vista Rescue, Gunter’s Legacy Animal Rescue & Leti L., Roger, Rich E., Carol C. and Dan C., Tarah and Cassidy, Kent and Xerxes, Sharon and Kent and the whole Sexton Family, Julia V., Embree M., Sara S., Karen M., Kristen P., the whole Helms & Todorovic family, Dr. Sexton and Cassandra from Sierra Vet Clinic – we’d be lost without you – Casey L., Paul and Connie C., Tamara W., Heleen W., and the whole RHC crew, Kelsey H. & Jesse D., and everyone who shares our posts, donates whatever they can and supports our cause. We love and appreciate you immensely.

Thank you for everything! Stay tuned for much more to come.

Alexandrea-Silver, Chair
Vicki’s Village Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

*featured image is of Vicki*




Autumn Update

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to keep all of our supporters up to date with the rescue. As the summer season slows down, so have we. Currently, we are at our maximum capacity at our rescue site and have utilized all of our foster resources at the moment. Everyone is at a safe space, love and cared for. Until we get new foster homes signed up, or some of our adoptables placed into purrfect homes, we are not taking in anymore dogs at the moment.

While we take some time to wind down from the rat race taking in new babes, we are going to refocus our sites on some of our standing goals at this time.
Our largest project, the building of a new facility, has not been as much as a success as we had hoped. With little visual aides, it is difficult to get on board with the end goal we have set up. So! We are shifting gears.
Instead of fundraising a pile of money all at one time to put a pre-made building in, we are going to work on getting this structure built ourselves, bit by bit. As the weather cools down, we can take more time to clear out the area needed. We’ll fundraise at different sections of the build, for the specific materials we need to move on to the next stage. Through out the whole project, we’ll keep you up to date with pictures and progress reports!

Join us on Sunday, September 16th in Mammoth Lakes for the Trails & Tails event that we will be a part of. Come meet our adoptable dogs from 9am to 1pm and have fun with all of the other animal organizations in the area. It’s going to be a great event! More info here

As we are working on our building and enjoying the end of the year months, we are also going to be working on a humane education program that we can take to the local schools and do presentations with. Being a part of the rescue community, taking in homeless dogs is only half the battle. We must also work to prevent animals from becoming homeless in the first place. With that, we have to hit the kids at a young age and get them inspired to do what’s compassion, and educated on how to always be humane. With that, we ask that if anyone knows of any similar humane education resources or has any ideas, we are more then welcome to suggestions and collaborations. Please do not hesitate to help us provide the best learning experience possible!

Thank you to all of our supporters: fosters, donors, adopters and well wishers alike! Without you, we’d wouldn’t be where we are at now. This organization continues to make great progress and with team members like you, who is reading this now, we can do anything. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Alexandrea-Silver, VVARS President
and all of the furry friends that make up this village