Our process is as follows:
Meet the Animal
Adoption Application
Home Check (this will be done without the animal present)
Adoption Contract & Payment
Our average adoption rate is $150. The animal will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to be adopted. All health records available will be transferred to adopter.

Please review our Adoption Application, Click HERE

Age: 3
Sex: Male
Breed: Boxer mix
Weight: 75lbs.
Length: 45″ – 28″ Height
Xerxes (zurk-zeez) is a big sweet stud muffin who is nothing but love! Xerxes is friendly with just about everyone he meets, both animal and human. He loves to go for long walks and to run around in an open grassy field. He also loves snuggling on the couch with his family for some quiet time.
We are looking for a wonderful family that will stay active with this big boy. He has a lot of energy and a lot of love to give! Having experience with the boxer-breed before would be helpful, but not necessary.
Adoption fee: $150

Age: 12
Sex: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 10lbs.
Length: 12″ – 8″ Height
Eben is a small, squishy dog with a constant drooping tongue that gives everyone the giggles. Eben does not have many teeth and drools a lot. He has a very fiery personality, and always a lot to say. We think Eben would do best in a home of his own with no other dogs. Other dogs seem to stress him out more than necessary, exacerbating his feisty side. He also has an obsession with hoarding socks. Eben is great on a harness/leash and a wonderful little walker and adventurer. He is full of love and does like to cuddle with his human. He gives lots of kisses!
Adoption fee: $100

Meet Dante!
Dante is a normal, unsexed ball python available for adoption!
He’s been through a lot of different homes, so age is very much a guess, but from my understanding he is about 8-10 years old.
Small for his age at only about 2.5′ feet long and 1,277 grams.
Although a bit skittish and hand shy, he does well for 15-20 minute handling intervals before becoming a bit uneasy, and has a very healthy appetite for a ball! His feeding instinct may kick in when you first attempt to remove him from his enclosure, but once he’s out and in hand he calms down immediately and has never bitten his handler. I’ve been holding and working with him 1-2 times a week on becoming more docile.
He readily eats one frozen/thawed rat per week, size small (approximately 4-5″ in length excluding the tail).
Previous reptile keeping experience is a plus, but not a requirement as ball pythons are very easy to keep!
Dante is a special circumstance case, and has a waived adoption fee under the condition that he be provided with a larger enclosure (either a 40 gallon terrarium/vivarium or minimum “CB70” sized tub within a snake rack.)
For more information about Dante, or ball python care/husbandry in general, feel free to private message us or email and ask for Shayla ♡

Hi, my name is Kikitaru!
I am an approximately 1.5 year old Lavender Albino California Kingsnake!
My name is derived from a Japaneae word meaning “gleeful or joyous” because I have an adorable smiley face pattern on top of my head!
I am unsexed and weigh roughly 38grams. I’m also very calm in hand and have never nipped any of my handlers, and very rarely musk!
I am currently eating two frozen/thawed large pinky or one small fuzzy mouse per week from Layne Labs.
If you would like more information about me, or are interested in filling out an adoption application, please email and ask for Shayla.

If you are looking for a particular breed/age/gender of animal and are dedicated to the idea of adopting, but haven’t found who you are looking for yet, please try our Match Maker Program. We want to help pair you with the right rescue, the perfect pup, the correct kitten for your home. Send us a Match Maker form with the animal of your dreams and let us play your rescue cupid! Find the form here.

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