Who We Are

It takes a village.

It all started with a little dog – Miss Princess Queen Victoria, the Precious. This little dog came to Alexandrea-Silver from a place of abuse and neglect, but lived an amazing life from the day she was rescued. Miss Vicki had the most loving personality, and was always able to bring happiness to everyone she met. Her loving and spunky attitude had a deep affect on many people. In her legacy, we have vowed to save as many animals as we can.

Vicki’s Village Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (V.V.A.R.S) is a grassroots group located outside of Bishop, California in the Eastern Sierras. Vicki’s Village is San Luis Obispo (SLO) Founded, Bishop based. We have affiliates in Northern California (Bay Area), as well as Southern California.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization who focuses on rescue and rehabilitating senior and special needs animals. Vicki’s Village works mainly with dogs and snakes at this point in time, but hope to expand the variety of small animals we can help. Most of our animals come from high-kill shelters across California, hoarding situations or owner surrenders. Vicki’s Village is responsible for our animals transportation and all of the medical care they should need, on top of their daily needs.

This organization is financed by donations only – we do not have support of federal or private grants at this point in time.

V.V.A.R.S. is in place so that every animal in our care lives their healthiest, happiest and best life. We thank everyone who supports us in our mission to save as many animals as possible!

Alexandrea-Silver, Founder

Cheyla bob

Shayla, Member at Large

Rebekah, Member at Large

Genevieve, Member at Large


Founding Members of VVARS – Shayla, Kelsey, Alexandrea-Silver, Zoe

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