It takes a village.

It all started with a little dog – Miss Princess Queen Victoria, the Precious. She effected the lives of a few and in her wake, has changed the lives of many. Miss Vicki showed the world such great love and gave us so many wonderful memories. Through her legacy, we’ve come together to change the world. In her honor, we will save as many as we can.


Established by four bestfriends in 2016, Vicki’s Village Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and adopting out homeless animals. We are committed to the actions of compassion, inspiring the world to love all creatures.

It is our philosophy that if we all come together to work towards a common goal – less homeless animals desperately needing love and care – through small but frequent  commitments, we can change the fate of thousands of animals who are euthanized every year. Information can lead to the inspiration necessary to get everyone on board, everyone involved, in doing what we can to save them all!

ghost dog
Alexandrea-Silver, Founder

Alexandrea-Silver has dreamed of working with animals since she was a toddler. From goals of becoming a veterinarian, marine biologist or wildlife educator, everything she’s ever wanted to do has revolved around animals. Being a part of the rescue community and loving animals of all kind is her life’s passion and Vicki’s Village is her proudest accomplishment so far.

zoe and cidZoe, Member at Large

Zoe’s love for animals began at a young age while growing up with a plethora of fur brothers and sisters, and she soon obtained a fascination with all animals from scales to fur and everything in between. Her volunteering began in her teens at a local cat shelter where she adopted her first animal and fell in love with helping all creatures in need. Since then, she has developed a strong passion to assist all animals in finding a forever and loving home.


Cheyla bob
Shayla, Member at Large

Shayla has been fascinated by animals of every shape and size since her earliest cognitive years. Often relating more to them than people as a child, she grew up watching nature documentaries, but her favorite program was that of the wonderful Steve Irwin. His endless well of love, compassion and admiration for all living things became ingrained in her soul, and she strives to bring this same level of care and respect for animals into her own life philosophy. As a small child she would bring home strays, many of which became lifelong companions, others were placed into the loving homes of friends and family. Her love and passion for all animals grew year by year, but she soon found herself fascinated by reptiles and other exotic animals, eventually leading to a lifelong hobby of keeping, studying, rescuing, rehabilitating, and admiring all varieties of these beautiful yet often misunderstood creatures. With guidance from her dearest friends, she was able to find local shelters and rescues to support and volunteer at, and soon became involved in laying the groundwork for Vicki’s Village. Shayla’s ultimate goal is to show as many people as possible, through her own passion and love, just how amazing animals of all species and varieties can be. Even the ones many people find unappealing or scary; and to educate the public on how to properly care for, respect, and live peacefully alongside these magnificent creatures.


bek giraffe

Rebekah, Member at Large

It is with the greatest honor to introduce our newest Board Member, Rebekah!! Bek has been working with the rescue for a few months now, helping us with our social media accounts, policies & procedures, and better banking practices. With 6 years management experience at Chase Bank, we are so grateful for her knowledge and expertise! Even more so, we LOVE her compassion for animals. With 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 Guinea pigs, a snake and 2 aquariums, we know Bek is the perfect match for this organization. How lucky we are to have her!!! Please say Hi and show her some love for all that she’s already done for the rescue Welcome Bekah, we love and appreciate you!






Founding Members of VVARS – Shayla, Kelsey, Alexandrea-Silver, Zoe